Imprint Media
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Mph Milesperhour Client:
Mph Milesperhour
Custom built web shop
Project started:
June 2008
Project ended:
November 2008

The client wanted a new web shop with improved usability and features that made it easier to maintain and update the website than before.

We built the system from the ground and up based around the clients demands and wishes, making sure the final result was both pleasing to the eye as well as easy to use and navigate through.

Imprint Media is an organization that focuses mainly on developing web solutions for companies and organizations, both big and small.

We custom build everything for our clients. No finished content management systems or templates are used; everything is coded from the ground and up in-house by us.

This gives our clients a great freedom of choice. We've realized that the customer is always happiest when they get exactly what they want, something we achieve by having an ongoing dialog with our clients throughout the project period.

Please contact us, by using the contact details below, for more information.
Organization number:
992 969 687
Organization name:
Tegnér Media